Mandala Stretched ears season 2 offers quite a bit of choices. We all know add on ears can be quite pain full. These are rather simple to use, they are however not rigged so they will take some adjusting. Another issue I have with them but this is just ore for add on ears in general is with some lighting the color is hard to mate or they can look out of place in some lighting.

The choices we get are good but I do wish there was a add your own texture feature.

The Skin tuning presets are fairly close, however I had to do several manual adjustments to match my skin which is from red dog.

Some tattoo options are only available for a certain set of ears form human to imp to elf. When I first got these I saw a bat tattoo on the inner ear I liked. I was not amused when i could not ad those to the imp ears.

You Can turn off the plug and stretched ear part if you do not like it.

The other jewelry parts are kinda limited, however you still can find a decent combo.

The lighting and visual options are what I would have expected.

Fortunately you can turn features on and off.


  • Very high quality
  • Many options
  • Super responsive HUD
  • HUD has tons of visual feedback and auditory feedback on select.
  • Possible to get very unique combinations
  • Easy to position.


  • Expensive
  • Lack of adding your own textures
  • Not rigged
  • Lighting issues on skin matching.

Overall These set of ears are my actual day to day used ones. I am quite happy with them. Hopefully in a update they will allow adding your own textures.

★ ★ ★ ★ 4/5

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